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​​The Barboza Method

​​Sculpt and Realign Your Body

The best full body, floor barre workout you can do at home. Low impact. No weights. No machines. Just you and the mat.

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​​Enjoy the full library of classes available in Beginner, Advanced and Stretch. Classes run 15min, 30min, 60min.

​​More Than Just A Workout

The Barboza Method is unlike any workout you have done in the past. Improve your mind, body and health with our unique classes.

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It all began with one student.

She was in failing health and needed real help. Listen to creator, Stefanie Barboza's story about how the workout created for one has changed hundreds of lives.

Our Students Share Their Experiences

What an amazing class! Probably one of the hardest classes I’ve taken a while, but they have incredible instructors. I am recovering from an injury. They teach exercises that help correct alignment of the body and techniques to strengthen core.

<p>Student </p>, <p>On Yelp</p>


On Yelp

OMG, OMG, OMG! I am a workout junkie. I have done everything from yoga, spinning, Pilates, reformers but this class made me use muscles I didn’t recognize and brought them to life! It was a revelation! Believe me you will be a convert.

<p>Student</p>, <p>On Yelp</p>


On Yelp

This was a super unique experience and made me realize how bad my posture is and how much I can improve! I was sore the next day, in a good way! I’ll be back.

<p>Student</p>, <p>On Yelp</p>


On Yelp