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Classes Run 15, 30, 60 Minutes

Barboza Beginner

The best place to start. This class is done at a slower pace, to teach your body the proper form and alignment, preparing you for the level up to advanced classes. Without the ability to have a teacher watching your every move and to correct, we use the assistance of a wall as a map to stay properly aligned. So, find a good space in your home where you are able to get all the benefits out of this class, to gain strength, flexibility and a confident posture for your everyday life. 

Barboza Advanced

Let’s go all my seasoned athletes, yogies, dancers, fitness nuts, and the pros who condition their body regularly. For you, it is all about your stamina! Make it through from beginning to the end without breaking proper form. There is no assistance in this class, it’s just you, me and a mat. Fighting body weight and gravity. Become stronger, more flexible,  and reshape a lean figure to improve your body's overall look and get a correct posture that leaves you confident for your everyday life.


Stretch is the best compliment to the Barboza class. This level conditions your mind and body to be more mobile, agile to achieve clean and effortless Barboza positions to bring you better results.

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Class Music

It is a widely known fact that not everyone has the same taste of music. So, we have made it optional for you to use your own music or from the description of each class, follow along with our exclusive studio playlist from Spotify. Make sure you have Spotify premiere membership and your music is not placed in shuffle mode. Our studio is located in Hollywood, California; the film capital of the world. So, movie, TV shows and video soundtracks are what we live by. So, get ready for an EPIC playlist that provides just the right amount of vibe you need for your workout session.

Note:  Music must be played on a separate device.


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